Tanya Learning Revolution to Begin This Tuesday

Starting Yud Tes Kislev, Project “Hayom B’Tanya” the brainchild of Rabbi Yekusiel Green a”h, will be available in English, offering thousands of English speakers the ability to take their Tanya learning to the next level.

Project “Hayom B’Tanya” is the brainchild of Rabbi Yekusiel Green a”h, one of the leading teachers of Chassidus and Mashpi’im of our generation. 

Rabbi Green is the author of dozens of books on Chassidus, as well as the acclaimed Hebrew series on Tanya for the masses, “Maskil L’Eisan”, and the series “Chassidus L’Am”. His books and insights, rendered in a clear and comprehensible language, immediately became a favorite amongst students of Chassidus worldwide. 

In Elul 5742, after sending in the first draft of his teachings on Tanya, “Maskil L’Eisan,” to the Rebbe, the Rebbe wrote him the following response (free translation):

You have surely discussed the contents of this booklet with the elderly Chassidim who taught Tanya at the Tomchei Tmimim in Poland, etc., and asked for their counsel. Particularly because this booklet is being prepared for public release, for which the examination and approval of an expert are paramount. My words here shouldn’t be understood as criticism, rather, on the contrary, continue spreading the wellsprings (of Chassidus), and fortunate is your lot. Please increase your efforts in this direction you’ve taken.” 

 בטח שקו”ט בדברי הקונ’ משל”א (הקונטרס משכיל לאיתן) עם זקני החסידים שלמדו תניא בתו”ת בפולין וכיו”ב, ושאל חוו”ד שלהם וכו’. ובפרט שה”ז נועד לרבים, והגהת והסכמת מומחה זקן במקומה היא. ופשוט שאין בכוונתי בהנ”ל לבקורת כ”א – ואדרבה הוסיף בהפצת המעינות, ואשרי חלקו, ויוסיף בכיוון זה

Upon receiving the Rebbe’s clear directive and approval, Rabbi Green, went on to publish many books on the topics of Chassidus and Tanya – Maskil Le’eytan, Themes in Tanya, Commentary on the Tanya, including but not limited to: Explanations of Maamorim i.e. Ve’Ata Tezaveh, Chayei Olam Ve’Chayei Shaah, Kinyan Hachaim, treatises on specific, fundamental concepts of Chassidus, such as Tefillah & Avoda, summaries exploring Chassidic themes on the weekly Parsha – Orah Latorah, elucidated Pirkei Avos, Haggadah Shel Pesach, Birchot Hane’enin, the Chassidic perspective on Chazal, and much more.

Rabbi Green’s signature style and refreshing prose and insight are evident throughout his books, which made them a beloved and valuable resource for veterans and beginners alike. 

Throughout the last few years, Rabbi Yekusiel Green started disseminating a short summary of the daily Tanya in Hebrew to his friends and students, via Whatsapp groups. What started as a modest initiative rapidly grew into a massive, international project, with tens of thousands of people vying to subscribe to receive the “Hayom B’Tanya” daily. 

Today, Hayom B’Tanya proudly counts more than 100,000 subscribers of various backgrounds and affiliations, hailing from all over the world!

The summary is presented in a format and language which can be appreciated by all, and endeavors to summarize the daily Tanya in a concise, accurate, and explanatory manner.

Soon before his passing, Rabbi Green entrusted his family with the mission of continuing the project of “Hayom B’Tanya” by bringing it to greater heights and wider audiences.

Coming Soon To an Inbox Near You

We are excited to announce that this coming Yud Tes Kislev, “Hayom B’Tanya” will be available in English, offering thousands of English speakers the ability to take their Tanya learning to the next level.

The Green family invites all students and lovers of Tanya study, to join the thousands of subscribers of “Hayom B’Tanya”!

To subscribe to the English version via WhatsApp, please send a message to +972-54-496-0839, (or click here). To subscribe to the Hebrew version via WhatsApp, please send a message to +972-54-496-0839, (or click here). To get “Hayom Batanya” to your inbox, please email: [email protected]

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