Tanya Learning Continues to Gain Popularity

Photos: Dovid Zar/JDN

In the ever expanding story of hafatzas hamaayanos, students at the Alexander Yeshiva in Eretz Yisroel, celebrated the completion of the entire Tanya after six years of intense study.

By Anash.org reporter
Photos: Dovid Zar/JDN

For the past six years, students at Yeshivas Imri Menachem of Alexander Chassidim, were given a weekly Tanya shiur by their Rosh Yeshiva. Last week, on the day of the Alter Rebbe‘s yahrzeit, they finally celebrated the completion of the entire Tanya.

To mark the occasion, the Yeshiva held a special seuda attended by all the yeshiva faculty. The Alexander Rebbe presided over the ceremony and addressed the student on the great value of learning Tanya and the importance of applying the Alter Rebbe’s words to their daily lives.

Earlier this month, another milestone was reached in the unfolding story of hafatzas hamaayanos, a groundbreaking new pirush on Tanya has been released by the Belzer publishing house Ohr HaTzafun.

Written at the behest of the Belzer Rebbe, the work is based on many years of shiurim given by renowned Belzer prodigy R’ Pinchas Friedman, Rosh HaKollelim of Chasdei Belz. A close confidant of the Belzer Rebbe, R’ Pinchas is best known for his weekly Torah essays, which have been compiled into the Shvilei Pinchas series of seforim, as well as his sefer Pri Hodor on the Pri Megadim, which is widely used by advanced students learning Yoreh Deiah.

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  1. This is a beautiful מעמד, nonetheless, there is little פלא here. The Alexander Rebbe שליט”א is a descendant [8th generation] of the Alter Rebbe zy”a through his mother a”h and very מקושר to Chabad. The Alexander Rebbe is a gaon in נגלה and נסתר in his own right. It is not surprising that he himself teaches a Tanya shiur in his yeshiva.

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