‘Tanya Edition 8,000’ Printed in 770

Photos: Dovber Hechtman/Anash.org

Just hours before the onset of Yud Alef Nissan, the 8,000th edition of Tanya, which the Rebbe requested to be printed wherever a Yid lives, was printed with little fanfare in a corner off of 770’s main shul.

By Anash.org reporter

Tanya…Edition Eight Thousand.

Just hours before the onset of Yud Alef Nissan, a small group of chassidim gathered in a corner off 770’s main shul with a copy machine and a bottle of l’chaim, for what seemed to be a nondescript event, but was truly a historical occasion.

In 5744, the Rebbe requested that the Sefer Hatanya be printed in every city where Yidden live. Since then, thousands of editions of Tanya have been printed in nearly every country, and thousands of cities across the globe.

As the Rebbe’s 120th birthday approached, a number of bochurim and anash threw themselves into the mivtza, with one bochur, Mendel Bleich from Wellesley Weston, Massachusetts, pledging to arrange no less than 120 printings himself.

The renewed push for the campaign brought the number of editions of Tanya printed to 7,999 right before Yud Alef Nissan. The heads of the Tanya printing campaign decided that it would be a proper gift to the Rebbe to print the 8,000th edition in 770 in honor of Yud Alef Nissan.

On Monday afternoon, a small group gathered with a large copy machine right off of the main shul in 770. The printing was not done in the shul itself, in accordance with the Rebbe’s instructions during a previous print in 770.

The group, consisting of Bleich, Rabbi Zalman Chanin, and a number of bochurim, said l’chaim and began the printing, before taking the time to learn from some of the newly printed pages.

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