Tannersville Honors the Rebbe’s Father with Yarchei Kallah

A large crowd of people from all walks of life gathered in Beis Menachem of Tannersville, NY, for an annual Yarchei Kalla in honor of the Rebbe’s father’s yahrzeit.

Jews of all stripes gather for the “Yarchei Kallah” evening in Tannersville in memory of the Rebbe’s father, Harav Levi Yitzchak Schneerson.

Last Motzei Shabbos, the charming town of Tannersville in upstate New York, known for its many Jewish vacationers and vibrant Lubavitch community, hosted a special gathering: the traditional Yarchei Kallah.

The ‘Beis Menachem’ shul in the town center quickly filled up after Shabbos, with people of all backgrounds, Chassidim, yeshiva-leit, and local Anash and bochurim. The evening commenced with a Dvar Malchus directly from the Rebbe, presented through a specially curated video by JEM for the occasion.

The entire event revolved around the Rebbe’s heartfelt wish to honor his father’s memory through tzedakah, Mishnayos, Torah learning and farbrengens, and particularly by delving into Reb Levik’s profound Torah teachings, which are renowned for their depth and breadth across all areas of Torah study, both nigleh and nistar.

The Shul’s gabbaim prepared a plentiful meal in honor of the occasion, particularly significant as it coincided with a Shnas Hakhel. The assembled crowd joyfully sang the famous Hakafos niggun of the Baal Hahilulah.

Rabbi Mordechai Stern, serving as the master of ceremonies, shared recollections of esteemed dignitaries who had been regular participants in the event but had since passed away. One such figure was the Bostoner Rebbe, Rabbi Pinchas David Horowitz, who attended each year accompanied by his Chassidim.

He would deliver Torah teachings, speak in praise of the Rebbe’s Shluchim, and share his personal memories of Crown Heights, where he had grown up near the Rebbe’s residence; Rabbi Yaakov Koppel Rubin a”h, son-in-law of the Mashpia Reb Avraham Mayorer (Drizin) was also mentioned, as another dedicated attendee and sponsor of the event who made every effort to participate even as his mobility declined.

Rabbi Yehoshua Borenshtein, Rav of “Anshei Hasharon,” also known as “The White Shul,” delivered a speech focused on the significance of the Aron that Moshe constructed to house the Luchos, in addition to the Aron in the Mishkan. He also highlighted the remarkable unity among Jewish communities in the upstate area during the summer, as they come together to support each other and study Torah in harmony. Rabbi Borenshtein also spoke fondly of Rabbi Rubin, who had served as the president of the White Shul for many years.

A special address was delivered by Rabbi Chaim Meir Shtokhamer, son-in-law of the Bostoner Rebbe. He shared fascinating details about the close connection between his father-in-law and the Rebbe and Rebbetzin, who were his next-door neighbors. He also provided a thought-provoking interpretation of Ramban’s teachings on the distinction between natural events and miracles in how Hashem governs the world.

The highlight of the evening was the keynote address by Rabbi Stern, the Mara D’Asra. In line with the Rebbe’s directive to study his father’s Torah, he delved into Reb Levik’s explanation of the Gemara’s assertion that reciting Ashrei three times daily leads to merit in the World to Come. He expounded on this concept with profound insights based on the Rebbe’s teachings in Toras Menachem.

Finally, philanthropist Rabbi Sholom Ber Drizin, a long-standing supporter of the local community, Beis Menachem, and associated institutions, shared Torah insights, Chassidic anecdotes, and stories about his illustrious grandfather, the renowned Chassid Reb Zalman Moshe Hayitzchaki.

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