Tank Parade Fills London Streets With Jewish Pride

The streets of London were alive with Jewish pride and activity on Yud Alef Nissan as the Mitzva Tank Parade, in honor of the Rebbe’s birthday, made its way through the city.

The streets of London were alive with Jewish pride and activity on Sunday Yud Alef Nissan as the Mitzva Tank Parade, made its way through the city. Organized in honor of the Rebbe’s birthday and upcoming Yom Tov of Pesach the parade featured many colorful mitzvah tanks filled with Bochurim and Yungerleit eager to share the joy of the Yom Tov with all who crossed their path.

The parade started at the Lubavitch Yeshiva in Hampstead Garden Suburb, and made its way through the bustling streets of Golders Green and Hendon, finally culminating in Central London. The tanks then dispersed to key landmarks in London’s neighborhoods, such as St. John’s Wood, Finchley, Maida Vale, Notting Hill, Hammersmith, Camden Town, as well as popular shopping areas and other high-traffic locations.

Along the parade, the Bochurim and Yungerleit on the tanks offered passersby the opportunity to perform a mitzvah or learn more about Yiddishkeit. Hundreds of people stopped by the tanks to put on tefillin and receive free hand baked shmura matza and other Pesach essentials. Many also stayed to learn more about the Yom Tov, listen to music, and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

At the various destinations for Mivtza Matza, which included local supermarkets and street corners, the teams distributed thousands of boxes of matzoh to the community. Many people were grateful and excited to receive matza and other Pesach necessities, helping them get into the spirit of the holiday.

Overall, the Mitzva Tank Parade and in London was a huge success, with thousands of Jews of all ages and backgrounds coming together to celebrate their heritage and participate in the mitzvos of the holiday. The organizers were thrilled with the turnout and pledged to continue hosting similar events in the future, bringing the light of Jewish tradition to communities across the world.

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