Talmidim at Monsey Cheder Connect to Tomchei Temimim

Chof Cheshvan, the Birthday of the Rebbe Rashab, was celebrated at Cheder Chabad of Monsey by connecting more deeply with Tomchei Temimim.

Talmidim connected with Tomchei Temimim in various ways throughout the day. The 7th grade joined the Mesivta for chavrusa learning and a farbrengen with Rabbi Teichtel. The 6th graders were treated to a farbrengen with Rabbi Kaplan.

The lower grades of the cheder got together and joined a farbrengen led by the Shluchim. During the farbrengen, the talmidim heard inspirational stories, gave Tzeddaka, and said the pesukim.

Even with some internet issues during the day, several classes were also able to join the international Tzivos Hashem Rally.

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