Take Part in Spreading the ‘Crown Jewel’ of Chassidus

Week after week, ‘The Weekly Farbrengen’ publication delivers pointed drops of living Chassidus to Yidden of all backgrounds across the globe. Take part in this incredible hafotzas hamayanos.

Every week, many thousands from all different cities and experiences join together for a global farbrengen: The Weekly Farbrengen.

The unique collection of interesting and often unknown stories appeals to adults and youth alike looking to read something short, sweet, and easy to share.

But it’s so much more than that.

The Weekly Farbrengen is an entry to a farbrengen with chassidim of old.

By curating relevant content from our living tradition, The Weekly Farbrengen transmits that lifegiving chassidishe spirit to a new generation.

“A farbrengen brings Chassidus to life.”

At a farbrengen, Chassidus isn’t a subject of study, it’s alive! In The Weekly Farbrengen, you can hear pointed guidance from our Rebbes and meet chassidim of all times.

A drop of the ‘Crown Jewel’ is sure to save the prince’s life. The Weekly Farbrengen delivers those drops of lifesaving elixir, invigorating a generation during our final stretch to the Geulah.

Partner with us today!

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