Take a Pause and Focus on the Moment

Watch: Apps that enable users to pause notifications and be present are gaining popularity. If you had a super-focused slot in your day, how would you utilize it? Lag BaOmer empowers us to press pause on the world around us, even for just a few moments a day.

Does your attention span decline when your phone pings to let you know that you have a new message or notification? How often do you give in to the urge to check that notification, even if you are in the middle of work or a family gathering?

Apps which enable users to pause notifications and be present are gaining popularity. They offer us the potential to show up for our responsibilities and relationships.  If you had a super-focused slot in your day, how would you utilize it?


On Lag B’Omer,we celebrate the life of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, known as Rashbi. One quality that set Rashbi apart from his many colleagues- who were all great sages- was his total devotion to Torah study. Torah was his exclusive occupation.

Once, a drought plagued the land. Generally, one would daven and beg Hashem for rain, but Rabbi Shimon’s response was different: He began to teach Torah to his disciples. Sure enough, rain came pouring down. Rashbi’s devotion to Torah study had a profound impact on the physical world.

Is Rabbi Shimon’s dedication to Torah study achievable for the average individual? Can our busy lives be devoted exclusively to Torah study?

On some level, we can mimic Rashbi’s practice. During the moments of our day that we are dedicating to Torah study, we can fully throw ourselves into it, as if there are no other concerns in the world.

Our fixed time of Torah learning can be our daily Shabbos. We can create an oasis of tranquility in our hectic lives. Let the phone buzz. Sorry, it’s my Shabbos. I can’t pick up.

This Lag B’Omer, resolve to press pause on the world around you. Enable yourself to hyper-focus on your Torah study. Like Rashbi, you can draw down rain and sustenance to our parched world.

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