Tailor-Made Resources Available For Chanukah

Tens of Chabad Mosdos collaborated to help shluchim create a meaningful Chanukah for their communities without all the headache. 

Chanukah is around the bend. Eight days and eight nights of joyous festivity as we celebrate the triumph of the few over the many, the righteous over the wicked, and light over darkness. 

For an exceptional few, this takes on an entirely different meaning: a life’s goal and mission. They devote themselves entirely to disseminating the light to every corner of the globe. They are the Rebbe’s Shluchim, the harbingers of light, set to spread the eternal flame of Torah and Mitzvos to every Jew. On Chanukah, this translates quite literally.

This makes for a tremendous task which the Shluchim perform with the utmost competence and passion. There is hardly a notable (or less notable) place in the world lacking a public menorah lighting and Chanukah Mivtzoim to boot.

There are many excellent resources available to Shluchim. Yet, it can be time-consuming to sift through all the separate sites and resources in the pre-Chanukah frenzy. To this end, Merkos 302 has developed a platform at chanukah.merkos302.com, consolidating a plethora of Chanukah resources and tools for Shluchim.

Following the terrific success and feedback of their Tishrei platform, they have launched once more. A site designed especially for Shluchim, as an easy-access, easy-to-use portal to everything a Shliach may need to plan and organize his Chanukah events and activities. They also included a collection of inspiring learning material for the Shluchim and their families. 

The platform includes: 

  • PR, Marketing, and Social Media resources
  • Menorahs and Chanukah kits customized for all kinds of targeted groups
  • Learning material 
  • Ready-made flyers
  • CYP ambassador posts
  • Mitzvah Society Tri-fold packages 
  • Customizable car magnets
  • Chanukah Programs for cKids, CTeen, and CYP

And much, much more! 

In a beautiful collaborative effort, many Chabad organizations, such as Chabad.org, JLI, Derher Magazine, Sichos in English, and all the Departments at Merkos 302, etc., have joined together to make this site a reality. Together, providing Shluchim with the best resources they can offer, all with a fresh, new, and efficient manner as an all-inclusive one-stop-shop.

“We appreciate that Chanukah is one big marathon for Shluchim and requires a great amount of time and effort arranging,” relates Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Director of Merkos 302, “We are therefore delighted to introduce this new initiative and feel humbled to help facilitate a more seamless Chanukah experience. Thanks to the Shluchim and all the Chabad organizations who have come together, this year Chanukah, IY”H, we will illuminate the streets and the alleyways like never before, every Jew a flame of the Menorah, radiating the light of their Neshamah.”    

Visit chanukah.merkos302.com for hundreds of high-quality resources for Shluchim. 

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