Tactical Getaway Trains Rabbis in Firearm Safety

With threats towards Jewish institutions on the rise, Raziel Cohen, aka The Tactical Rabbi, has put together a series of specialized full-day training courses designed to provide community leaders and shluchim with the tools they need to address security concerns.

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Here we are, in the middle of bein hametzarim, and once again we have unavoidable reminders of the reality that the more things change the more they stay the same. Antisemitism hasn’t returned, it unfortunately never left. Maybe it was masked, literally and figuratively, for about 15 months, but as the masks are coming off and life is returning to normal, the reports of violence against Jews are returning as well. 

Pre-pandemic, shuls, Chabad centers, and schools were investing in security – whether in the form of deterrence, target hardening, or even acquisition of defense weapons – for the express purpose of protecting their members, students, and families. With the onset of COVID and the restrictions that ensued, these security measures along with perceived threats fell in their level of importance and urgency. It’s time to return attention to vigilance. 

For many, the security infrastructure is in place. The question is, have the skills required to execute on the security plan deteriorated. For many, that answer is yes. For most, the challenge is likely even deeper. Were the necessary skills really there to begin with? The weapons owners made sure (hopefully) to gain adequate training. But accumulating hours at the gun range improving one’s proficiency at hitting a still target, even from a distance, doesn’t make you ready to address an imminent threat presented by a half-crazed Jew hater. That requires specialized training provided by highly-skilled instructors. 

Having identified this critical need, Raziel Cohen, aka The Tactical Rabbi, an NRA and DOJ-certified firearms instructor, has put together a series of specialized full-day training courses designed to provide community leaders and shluchim with the tools they need to address their unique set of challenges. 

The pilot event which launched in June was attended by shluchim as well as community leaders of varying degrees of firearm skills – from beginners to the highly experienced. The intense course was viewed as extremely successful by all attendees. 

The course is designed to provide meaningful training for attendees at every level. Topics include demonstrations and training on shooting within a crowd, medical response, dealing with children during an attack, and shooting on the move. It also will discuss and demonstrate the dangers and challenges inherent in knife attacks and how to deal with an assailant effectively. Threats are constantly changing and evolving, being up to date with tactics will greatly increase one’s ability to respond effectively. The importance of this type of training can’t be overstated. Don’t wait for another attack to take action. There are only three sessions remaining, and reports are that spots are filling up quickly.
For more information or to register you can go to https://www.ndftraining.com/product/tactical-getaway/

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