Supporting Rabbi Wagner’s Family: A Community’s Call to Action

In the wake of the recent passing of Rabbi Akiva Wagner, the planned Toronto Yeshiva expansion campaign is being temporarily put on hold to focus on the immediate needs of Rabbi Wagner’s family.

In the wake of the recent passing of Rabbi Akiva Wagner, the beloved Rosh Yeshiva of Toronto Yeshiva, the planned yeshiva expansion campaign is being temporarily put on hold. While the yeshiva’s growth and the funding of a new dorm will continue in due course, the focus must now shift to the immediate needs of Rabbi Wagner’s family.

Rabbi Wagner was not only a devoted mechanech who led the Yeshiva he founded with love and care for decades, but he was also a tireless and consistent role model for his students. Above all, he was the entire world to his family.

As his wife and children face the daunting task of carrying on and rebuilding their lives, we, as a community, have an opportunity and an obligation to step up and provide support. With nine unmarried children, the youngest being just 7 years old, Rabbi Wagner leaves an incredible void that we must all try to fill. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that the family is provided with the financial support and stability they need to navigate this unimaginable time and the future that lies ahead.

We urge you to donate generously, knowing that your contributions will help ease the burden for Rabbi Wagner’s family. May the Almighty bless you and your loved ones with only the very best in this incredible merit.

The funds raised through this campaign will be overseen by a group of dedicated individuals:

  • Rabbi Dov Wagner
  • Rabbi Meir Wagner
  • Rabbi Dovid Labkowski
  • Rabbi Baruch Shalom Greenberg
  • Rabbi Shimon Gruzman

Additionally, this campaign has been endorsed by the following esteemed Rabbanim:

  • Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld
  • Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky
  • Rabbi Avrohom Mann
  • Rabbi Dovid Schochet
  • Rabbi Ezra Schochet

Rest assured that all proceeds will go directly to the family, providing them with the resources they need during this challenging time. Please join us in supporting Rabbi Wagner’s family as we honor his legacy and help those he held dearest.

You can easily create a team page by following this link:

Together, we can make a positive impact on the Wagner family’s well-being during these challenging times.

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