Live: Virtual Shloshim For Rabbi Chaim Gurevitch

Join Live at 2:30 PM ET: An online event will mark the Shloshim of Rabbi Chaim Gurevitch a”h, who dedicated his life to helping others, addressed by family, colleagues, and friends.

Family, friends and colleagues will hold a ‘Shloshim’ event and Farbrengen for beloved Chossid and Shliach Rabbi Chaim Gurevitch.

A memorial tribute event marking the ‘Shloshim’ since the passing of Rabbi Chaim Gurevitch, obm, will be held on Sunday, 6 Iyar – April 18, 2021 at 2:30 pm (to accommodate his international family and acquaintances).

Raised in Israel, Rabbi Gurevitch served as a director of development for Colel Chabad, founded by the Alter Rebbe. Rabbi Gurevich was successful in connecting with Jews from all backgrounds to help feed the poor, needy and elderly in Israel. Colel Chabad also supports educational and medical institutions.

Rabbi Gurevitch took immense pride in the fact that all of his married children became Shluchim and dedicated their lives to the Rebbe’s mission of connecting fellow Jews to Torah and Mitzvos and preparing the world for Moshiach.

Rabbi Gurevitch passed away tragically in the midst of giving Shmura Matzah to a fellow Jew.

Memories of Rabbi Gurevitch will be shared by family, friends and colleagues including: Rabbi Sholom Duchman, director of Colel Chabad; Rabbi Tzvi Grunblatt, Head Shliach of Argentina; Rabbi Shuey Rosenblum, Shliach in Caracas, Venezuela; Rabbi Meilach Gurevitch, Shliach in Laguna Beach, CA. Siyum Mishnayos by Hatomim Nochum Gurevitch, plus many more.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 845 6703 3744

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