Sunday: Registration Opens for Chidon Competition

On Sunday, kids around the world who have participated in the Chidon will be able to sign up for their prizes, gifts and trips.

Thousands of children around the world came home with their chidon report cards this week.

Just over a week ago, chidon HQ made a zoom with parents to clarify all they need to know about registration this Sunday.

On the call, Rabbi Zalmy Kudan director of chidon Communication explained to parents that beyond any prizes or trips the greatest motivation for any child is the recognition that they receive from their parents.

A cute video presentation was created to demonstrate how parents can recognize their child’s achievements.

After months of learning and taking 4 tests, the children have learned an entire book of the Sara Rohr Yahadus Series.

Depending on which track they are on they will be able to sign up for their rewards at their parents account on

Children that passed the Yesoid track will be able to sign up for the sweater and gifts.

Children that passed the Yedia track will be able to sign up for the sweater, gifts and prizes.

Children that passed the Havona and Iyun track will be able to sign up for the sweater, gifts, prizes, and regional trips.

In 3 weeks all Children who registered will take a final on their entire book. Depending on their score in the final, they will receive their award at the grand Siyum Hamitzvos event.

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