Sunday Morning Kollel Keeps on Expanding

The Crown Heights Sunday morning Kollel has started off to a beautiful start with local people coming to join in beautiful inspiring and enlightening shiurim on various fascinating subjects. This week the Kollel expands to another three locations.

BH the Sunday morning kollel expands with 3 new local shiurim! 

The Sunday morning kollel has started off to a beautiful start with local people coming to join in beautiful inspiring and enlightening shiurim on various fascinating subjects. There is as well light refreshments or a light breakfast served by the local shuls.

BH 3 new shiurim will be available this going Sunday morning.

A fascinating shiur offering an overview of Pas Yisroel & Bishul Yisroel as it relates to manufactured products by Rabbi Yitzchak Hanoka, Senior Rabbinic Coordinator of the OK kosher, taking place Sunday 10:15 – 11:15 – sharchis at 9:15 am at Beis Eliyohu Nachum “Lefferts Shul”, 672 Lefferts Ave. 

There will be an enlightening Tanya shiur by Rabbi Boruch Jacobson at Nosson’s shul, 534 Empire Blvd, at 10 am – 9 am sharchis 

There will also be a new chassidus shiur on a maamar of the Rebbe, Lekovod Rosh Hashanah, by well known Mashpia in Oholei Torah, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Matusof. The shiur will take place in 770 at 9:00 am.

 So come join and fill your mind, uplift your soul starting off your week in the right spirit.

To increase in Torah learning and start off the week inspired and connected, you can join a local Sunday kollel learning program.

The Kolel takes place on Sunday mornings in several different crown heights locations coming to a shul nearby.

Come join and start your week off right!

Below is the schedule. Locate the Shul or shiur that works for you and start your week inspired and uplifted!

Other participating shuls for Sunday morning kollel program


Merkaz Avreichim
466 Albany Ave
Rabbi Fishel Oster
815 -845 am Chassidus
8:45-9:30 am Daf Gemoroh

Anash shul
770 Montgomery
830 am shachris
915-945 am
Halacha Leiyunah based on Rambam of the week
לע״נ הרב יוסף יצחק ב״ר חיים שניאור זלמן שור ע״ה

Beis Gimpel
309 New York Ave
8:15 sharachris 
8:45-9- Hot breakfast 
910-9:50 Sugya & Halacha shiur based on Rambam of the week.
950-1030 chavrusa learning
לע״נ הרה״ח הר’ מרדכי צבי בן הרה״ח הר׳ חיים יוסף שלמה גרינולד

Chevra Shas Beis Mordechai
398 Kingston 
8 am sharchis 
8:45 shiur Halacha liyuna based on Rambam of the week

Lincoln place Shul
1185 Lincoln
Rabbi Meyer Shushan
Shachris 8:30am
Mishnayos / Halacha 9:15am – 9:45am
– Chavrusa 945 am

Beis Eliezer Yitzchok
394 Kingston
8:00 Sharchis
8:45 Rabbi Lustig Gemoroh Daf Shiur 
945 Rabbi Golomb Tanya shiur

Rayim ahuvim/ Tiferes Menachem
1614 Carroll st
7:00-7:30am – Rabbi Moshe Klein Chasidus
7:45 Shacharis
8:30-9:30 – Rabbi Levi Heller Gemarah Brachos

Bais Shmuel 
Minyan 9:45 AM @ Agudah 456 Crown St 
by Rabbi Levi Garelik 10:30 AM-11:15 AM

527 East New York Ave
9 am sharchis
9:30 am Shiur Chassidus
Maamar with Rabbi Hillel Vogel

For more local shiurim & podcasts visit,

If your Shul is interested to join, or if you would like to give a Shiur, please email us [email protected] 

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