Sunday Kolel Going Strong

Kollel  Mordechai Tzvi, which takes place every Sunday morning at Bais Gimpel Chaim – 309 New York Avenue in Crown Heights, hosted a special guest this week.

Rabbi Chaim Shapiro, Menahel of Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim in Morristown, New Jersey, presented a shiur to participants of the kollel.

The kollel was founded 3 years ago and later named in honor of Rabbi Mordechai Tzvi Greenwald OBM, a beloved educator from Kfar Chabad, by his grandson, Rabbi Shloimy Greenwald of Crown Heights. Sunday’s kollel marked his first yahrtzeit.

The Kollel takes place every Sunday at Bais Gimpel Chaim, 309 New York Avenue, and begins at 8:15 am with Shacharis, followed by a hot breakfast. Then followed by Chavrusa learning at 9 am, and then a shiur at 10 am.  A hot lavish breakfast is served and free Chayenu and Dvar Malchus booklets are distributed to attendees.

The Kollel hosts many different teachers and guest Rabbis, including Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky, Rabbi Mordechai Farkash – Shliach in Seattle, Rabbi Moishe Silman – Oholei Torah Mashpia, Rabbi Shloimy Greenwald of Crown Heights, Rabbi Mendy Wolvovsky of Crown Heights. In addition, a brand new Kollel Mordechai Tzvi was opened in Long Beach, CA right after Pesach.

Shliach Rabbi Binyomin Fajnland giving the shiur at the new kollel in Long Beach, California.

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