Sunday: Hachana for 3 Tammuz Kids Hakhel Farbrengen

Live on Sunday, 29 Sivan, June 18th at 1:30 pm: The annual event hosted by Tut Altz Kids at Merkos 302 exploring hiskashrus to the Rebbe today.

As Gimmel Tammuz approaches, anticipation is mounting as children from around the world eagerly wait to attend “Really Me”, the annual Hachana Gimmel Tammuz Hakhel Farbrengen. The live virtual event aims to help kids discover how to be ‘Really Me’ and cultivate Hiskashrus to the Rebbe today. This gathering, scheduled to take place on Sunday, 29 Sivan, June 18th from 1:30 PM ET, aims to be an engaging experience that will deepen the kids’ Emunas Hashem and their bond with the Rebbe.

“To truly grasp the profound connection between Geulah and our Avoda today, a chossid must cultivate his bond with the Rebbe,” explained Rabbi Shloimie Naparstak, Director of the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302.” The event will display how, through that connection, we unlock the true significance of Moshiach’s impending arrival—an authentic relationship with Hashem, which we can tap into even now.” 

The Hachana Farbrengen will feature a lineup of entertainers who will engage and captivate the audience bringing to life the theme of the Farbrengen in an interactive and fun manner. Moderated by Rabbi Mendel Lerman, the event will include exciting games that will bring the messages to life, Torah Pesukim led by kids around the world and a unique Arts & Craft. Artist Yitzchok Moully, will showcase his creative work and singer Chony Zucker will lead the kids in Niggunim.

Concluding the event, the winners of the Moshiach Creative Contest will be announced. The judges Yitzchok Moully, Chony Zucker, and Moshe Frank of Leviim Art Gallery, will select the top projects. The Grand Prize winner will receive a bicycle, 2nd and 3rd place prizes are a chocolate fountain and a $50 Kehos gift card, and runner-ups will be rewarded with the newest Hakhel Novel. Furthermore, the School Raffle Winner for the VR Mikdash Experience will also be announced. All the projects can be viewed on

The central theme of this event draws inspiration from the Maamor Veateh Tetzaveh. The Moshiach Office has developed an engaging kids’ curriculum based on the Maamor, called Our Moshe and Me, and encourages all camps and programs to incorporate this curriculum into their summer learning. For more information, please visit

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch and the driving force behind the Moshiach Office, encouraged the event. “In today’s world, it is vital for children to develop a connection with the Rebbe and embrace their role in bringing the Geulah.”

To participate in the Hachana 3 Tammuz Kids Hakhel Farbrengen, join Sunday, 29 Sivan, June 18th at 1:30 pm on the live Zoom session using the following details:

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 894 3556 1289

Passcode: Hakhel

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