Live: Basi LeGani with Rabbi Nechemia Bluming

Join Live at 11 AM ET: The Brunoy Yeshiva is offering an in depth shiur of Basi Legani with mashpia Rabbi Nechemia Bluming, completely free and open to the public!

The harsh winds, short days and chilly temperatures remind us that we are deep into winter.

Chanuka already feels long gone, and Yud Shvat is fast approaching.

It is specifically in the days surrounding the Chassidishe Yomim Tovim that many begin to yearn for the farbrengens and infectious energy of their yeshiva days as they struggle to connect in the free moments that, with time, become fewer and further between.

As a Hachana to this special Chassidishe Yom Tov, the Brunoy Yeshiva has prepared something very exciting that will be open for the entire community to enjoy!

The Yeshiva will be hosting an in-depth study of the original version of the maamar Basi LeGani (5711), led by Rabbi Nechemia Bluming.

The free shiur is the second part of a three part series and will begin at 11 AM EST.

The shiur will be broadcast live and is open to the general public.

Click here to gain access to the Zoom meeting and join anash from around the world as we prepare, together to celebrate the special day of Yud Shvat!

Meeting ID : 442 725 5762

Password : 5780

To Join Over the Phone:

+19292056099 – ID: 4427255762# – *5780#

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  1. Thank you very much for publicizing this shiur. Will there be recodings available for those that are not available at that time? If it could be arranged that would be great

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