Summer Tznius Project Expands to Overnight Camps

Project Elevate, an eleven-day program where girls in day camp learn about the beauty of tznius, has expanded to overnight camps this summer.

Project Elevate is working day and night to prepare this summer’s Tznius learning program.

Every summer, over a thousand Jewish girls in day camps participate in Project Elevate, an eleven-day program where they learn about the mitzvah of tznius in a beautiful and exciting way. 

This summer all overnight camps are also welcome to join! Please sign up by clicking here.

A brand new curriculum was put together for this summer. The girls will be learning halachos of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, the Rebbe’s Sichos and Igros Kodesh about tznius.

Every camper will decorate a poster that includes summaries of the daily Tznius learning and bring it home to hang up on the fridge so they can share it with their family. Every camper will be given a brush/ mirror with our logo on it and the slogans: I’m Tznius and I’m Proud! My Beauty Shines from Inside out!

During camp, the girls will learn all about tznius through Chassidus and halacha. They will then fill out the answers to the multiple-choice questions, and check off if they kept their hachlata the day before. 

At the conclusion of the contest, all campers who completed the learning booklet, kept their hachlata and took the test will receive a free ice cream certificate card. Girls who receive an 80% or above on the test enter a raffle for 14k gold earrings generously donated by Kirsh Jewelers, and girls who receive a 90% or above enter an additional raffle for a 14k gold necklace.

Girls who share the daily Tznius learning with their family, will also enter the raffle to win a gold 14k necklace!

Our beautiful program’s website, enables all Jewish girls everywhere to join Project Elevate, whether they attend a participating camp or not. The site holds all the resources used in the program that can be downloaded if misplaced, as well as all the project elevate videos, songs and skits soundtracks.

This year, the project will run for eleven camp days, י”ט תמוז – ח’ מנחם אב -July 18 – August 5 or whatever 11 days works with the camps schedule.

Give your campers the gift of learning about tznius in a positive light. Enroll at now! In the zechus of our joint effort in elevating ourselves, may we merit to see the whole world elevated with the coming of Geulah Hashleima Now!

We need your sponsorship to make Project Elevate happen.
Donate via Paypal to [email protected]

Sichos translation and layout: $1000
Designer: $1000
Printing of 1200 learning booklets, posters, flyers, parent letters: $2000
1200 Pencils with logo: $500
1100 Brush/mirror with tznius slogan: $1800
Ice cream: $1000
Gold necklace: $500
Designs for campers tznius posters: $100
Hang signs on Kingston ave: $500
Transportation to bring materials to daycamps: $150

We are looking to dedicate Project Elevate in the zechus of someone. Please email us if you want to do it for a relative at: [email protected]

All are welcome to receive our short daily Tznius insight videos during the 11 days of Project Elevate.

Participating camps include: Beis Rivka, Naharia, Bnos Menachem, Beis Chaya Mushka, Monsey, Mountain Lodge, Cozy Acres, Evergreen, Inner Circle, Mei Menuchas day camp and more.

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