Summer Learning Program: New Shiurim This Week

The Crown Heights Summer Learning Program will feature shiurim on hashgacha protis, Likkutei Torah, and a new JLI course, along with chavrusa learning with the Tut Altz curriculum.

Bored in the long summer nights? Wife away in the summer? Come join the Summer Learning Program with nightly Shiurim from leading magidei shiurim and Chavrusa/self-learning Learning!

Chavrusa and/or for self-learning learning of the Tut Altz curriculum: Aspiration* at 7:15pm. Followed by Special Shiurim from leading magidei shiurim at 8:00pm.

Hot delicious dinner served under the Hashgacha of the Badatz.

At Mishkan Moshe Center, 580 Crown St. 

Mincha 7:00pm 

Chavrusa/Self Learning With Tut Altz Aspiration 7:15 

Shiur 8:00 

Maariv 9:05 & 9:30 

Followed by nightly Siyum Maseches 

Mishnayos Middos 9:50pm

This Weeks Shiurim, Parshas Va’eschanan:

Monday Night – Chof Vov Tammuz: Rabbi Dovid Kahanov: The deeper dimension of hashgacha pratis – Part 2.

Tuesday Night – Chof Zayin Tammuz: Rabbi Levke Kaplan: Likutei Torah – A Chassidishe Krias Shema

Wednesday Night – Chof Ches Tammuz: Rabbi Naftali Silberg JLI Course: Mesorah of Torah decoded – An analysis of Torah Shebaal Peh. Part 2 of 4

Live on YouTube: 

Live on Zoom at

*Booklets are sponsored and are available free of charge for the public to learn and be inspired by this wonderful and amazing Geulah U’Moshiach curriculum from Tut Altz.

Dedicated in לזכות התגלות כ”ק אדמו”ר נאו by Anonymous
For sponsorship opportunities please call 646-489-5243

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Thank you to the summer learning program committee for making this learning program possible, Rabbi Lazer Avtzon, Rabbi Yisroel Noach Blank, Rabbi Shmaryahu Gurary, Rabbi Avrohom Rotban, Rabbi Zalman Shneur for their dedicated efforts for this wonderful program. 

Thank you to all the generous sponsors who made this program possible. 

Thank you to Rabbi Leibish Nash for allowing the program to graciously use the Mishkan Moshe Beis Medrash. 

A very special thank you for the websites that promote the program and make it available for the general public via live video of the shiurim. 

And mainly thank you for all the wonderful members of the Crown Heights community who join the program coming to the shiurim and being mechazeik Limud HaTorah.

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