Summer Kriah Challenge Opens to Grades 1-6

In order to encourage the upkeep of Kriah throughout the summer months, a special program was launched for children entering grades 1-6 with weekly prizes.

Summer Kriah Challenge- Open to all students entering grades 1-6!

Facilitated by Sacramento Jewish Academy, open to children from around the world!

Join dozens of children from around the world who have already joined this amazing initiative, as they practice their Kriah and sustain the skills they learned over the year in school!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Read in Lashon Hakodesh for at least 3 minutes- it can be from a Siddur, Tehillim, Chumash or summer Kriah practice from school!

2. After reading, fill out the form at You can fill out a new one each day- every form is a ticket!

3. Every Sunday, the raffle for a gift card is drawn!

In the first week of this program,

58 children from

22 schools have joined

Earning 103 tickets-

Totalling to over 418 minutes of reading!

Mazel Tov to our winner for week 1- Sheina Cheruff from Lubavitch Hebrew Academy in Margate!

This program is open to all students, entering grades 1-6, and runs from Yud Sivan- Yud Daled Av

For questions, comments, or to sponsor a raffle, contact [email protected]

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