Summer Hakhel at 770 Addressed by Renowned Speakers

Hundreds of Chassidim from the Crown Heights community and beyond gathered on a Tuesday night at 770 Eastern Parkway for a Hakhel gathering with speakers Rabbi Shloma Majeski and Rabbi Shais Taub.

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Hundreds of Chassidim from the Crown Heights community and beyond gathered on a Tuesday night at 770 Eastern Parkway to fulfill the Rebbe‘s directive to gather during the Hakhel year.

The program began with reciting the Rebbe’s kapitel led by a chayol in Tzivos Hashem Moshe Elye Gerlitzky.

Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm, menahel of Oholei Torah mechina masterfully moderated the evening. he spoke about the unique connection between Hakhel and 15 Menachem Av and the chitas of the day.

Rabbi Shloma Majeski, Dean of Machon L’Yahadus in Crown Heights, spoke about how Hakhel gatherings today hasten the coming of Geula thought achdus and Ahavas Yisroel.

Renowned lecturer Rabbi Shais Taub spoke about the necessity of lived experience in Yiddishkeit. He explained how the essence of Matan Torah on Har Sinai was that it allowed every Jew to personally experience G-dliness which is a prerequisite for learning Torah. This is precisely the theme of Hakhel; to give successor generations a lived Torah experience.

At the end of the gathering, Rabbi Mordechai Zirkind made a siyum on meseches Yevomos in honor of 15 Menachem Av.

As no Hakhel is complete without the participation of the ‘taf‘, a special video presentation for children by My Maor was also played.

“This gathering was arranged with one thing in mind, gathering to fulfill the Rebbe’s hora’a for Shnas Hakhel,” said organizer Rabbi Mendel Gerlitzky. “We hope that in this zechus we will merit the ultimate Hakhel gathering led by our Rebbe in the Bais Hamikdash.”

Besides the hundreds who filled the benches of 770, hundreds more joined online via’s media broadcast.


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