Summer Concludes with Printing of Tanya

On the final night of an unforgettable summer, campers at YSP, located this year in Pennsylvania, completed the ever first printing of Tanya in Bartonsville, PA.

From the start we could all feel that it would be a very special summer here at YSP. 

Although the whole world had shut down, the staff of YSP were determined to make the Yeshivas Kayitz happen. For the sake of the Talmidim’s mental, physical and spiritual well being, most of whom had been cooped up in their homes for the past few months. 

Despite the many challenges we managed to find a temporary new home in a small town called Bartonsville, PA.

Although the appearance may have seemed different than the usual Morristown campus, dorms and classrooms replaced with vast fields, a lake and bunkhouses, the spirit of YSP remained the same. The special emphasis given to the Talmidim’s growth in learning and avodas hashem in a fun and exciting environment, was as powerful as ever. 

Not only was this year a success like all others but there were even greater accomplishments by the Talmdim, in just six weeks they completed a whopping Eight Blatt of Gemara Baal Peh

A beautiful Siyum was prepared and every Talmid was recognized for their achievements, they then competed in a “Chidon” style quiz on all eight Blatt and received a beautiful set of Rambam. 

From the time of creation, Bartonsville, PA has been waiting to be purified by these incredible sounds and feats of Torah Study.

The last night of camp, emotions were on rise, all the great memories of the summer passed through our minds, the friendships, the trips and Farbrengens. It’s hard to believe it is all coming to an end.

A surprise announcement was made, we would be printing our very own Tanya here at YSP! Although it was with seemingly negative circumstances that we ended up in this small township of Pennsylvania, we would now have a special opportunity to join the Rebbe’s call for Tanya’s to be printed all over the world.

As we clicked print to initiate the process, a unique feeling was felt in the room, we watched hundreds of pages with the holy letters of Tanya printed on them appear before us.

YSP Director Rabbi Mendel Goldberg explained to the Talmidim the significance of the event, as well as his memories of the Rebbe’s great passion and joy he derived from the printing of Tanyas 

As per the Rebbe’s instructions, one hundred Sefarim were printed and YSP Maggid Shiur Rabbi Mendy Sorkin studied with us the first few lines of Perek Beis. 

The room erupted in song and dance as we all appreciated this momentous occasion, a befitting finale to an incredible summer.

A special thank you to Assistant Director Rabbi Hershy Weinstein for arranging this beautiful event, it will surely be remembered by all those who were there, for years to come.

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