Summer Can’t Keep These Bochurim Away From Their Seforim

Dozens of Bochurim from Oholei Torah Zal are spending their summer in a Yeshiva environment in the newly established Yeshivas Kayitz for Beis Medrash, located in state-of-the-art facilities in Pennsylvania.

By reporter

On numerous occasions, the Rebbe spoke about the necessity of Yeshivos to remain open throughout the summer. Just like one takes no break from life, so too, learning in Yeshiva should not be interrupted, the would Rebbe say.

Following the Rebbe’s directive, Bochurim in Oholei Torah Zal who wished to spend their summer in a Yeshiva environment joined the newly established Yeshivas Kayitz.

In a peaceful and quiet environment, the Bochurim continued to delve into their studies. Their dedicated staff accompanied them, guiding and supporting their progress.

Leading the program is Rabbi Fishel Oster, a maggid shiur in shiur daled who is serving as the menahel and mashpia. Rabbi Lipman Heller serves as Magid Shiur for nigleh, and Rabbi Shmuel Shur gives daily shiurim in chassidus and farbrengs with talmidim on a steady basis.

The Yeshivas Kayitz is located in newly purchased campgrounds in Pennsylvania, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, which also houses the Yeshivas Kayitz program for the Oholei Torah’s younger students.

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