Summer at YSP Transformed with ‘Back to Basics’

Watch: Camp YSP’s “Back2Basics” program taught campers that being a Chassid is not only what you do, but who you are, with a system of shiurim, farbrengens and more, along with exciting incentives.

The sun breaks over the horizon as Talmidim take in the fresh mountain air and head towards the Zal. What gets these boys out of their beds at this early hour?

The scene repeated itself daily as we gathered for the early “Back2Basics” Tanya Shiur in the YSP Zal.  

The Yeshivas Kayitz Program was born from the Rebbe’s vision of the summer being a time of extraordinary spiritual growth. When a child is placed in an environment where they can experience the warmth of a Chassidishe Yeshiva in an enjoyable and positive setting, they can accomplish more than they ever imagined.

We saw this vision come to life at YSP this summer. Talmidim who were entering the Mesivtah atmosphere for the very first time, saw themselves successfully thriving in their learning, Avodas Hashem and doing things they never thought they could do. Fundamental Chassidishe conduct such as Tanya Baal Peh, Chitas and Perek Mem Alef before Davening became a part of their identity.  Driving this amazing growth was the “Back2Basics” Mivtzah. The purpose of the program was to give Talmidim a strong foundation and dedication to the “Basics” the essential components of being a Chassid.

Using state-of-the-art technology such as a Credit Card system with personalized Cards and digital Duchs on tablets installed in Zal, the Talmidim filled out their daily Duch checklist, consisting of core Chassidishe Hanhagos such as Chitas and placing Negel Vasser next to your bed. For every Item completed they received “Blotte” points to be spent at the “Blotte store”.

 To ensure that every Talmid was growing at his own pace, the Duchs were personalized with the daily checklist advancing in sync with the Talmid’s personal progress.  

The innovative and fun program created much hype and nearly every Talmid got involved. For many of the boys the “Back2Basics” program was their highlight of the summer.

Extravagant events were prepared as weekly bonus incentives to keep the Talmidim going. Only card carrying “B2B” members were allowed entry. Each event had a theme of its own such as Italian, Candy Buffet, Sushi and Chinese food. Special attention was given to the beautiful presentation as well as the all-you-could-eat Gourmet Cuisine, Cold Drinks and a special fun program making each of them a truly unforgettable experience.

The unbelievable success of the program was made possible through the dedicated efforts of Mendy Broner and Shimi Silberberg as well as YSP Director Rabbi Mendel Goldberg.

It is Friday night and crowds of Talmidim center around the table singing Nigunim. At the Back2Basic farbrengen every Talmid feels comfortable sharing what is in his heart. The boys looked forward to these Farbrengen all week. Many of them made impressive, meaningful Hachlatos and decisions about the coming year. The “B2B” Farbrengens is where the lines between doing a Duch/Checklist for Mivtzah and your personal identity blur, where being a Chassid becomes not only what you do, but who you are.

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