Sukkos Farbrengens for Post-Sem and Young Married Women

This Chol Hamoed, for the very first time, there will be farbrengens in Crown Heights every night of Chol Hamoed for post-sem girls and young married women.

For girls who have gone through the “system” and are now working or married, keeping inspired and connected to the time of year takes more effort.

“Farbrengen@699” aims to create meaningful farbrengens for this age range with the most sought after and inspiring speakers.

This Chol Hamoed, for the very first time, they will iyH be having Farbrengens EVERY NIGHT, each night hosted at another Sukkah in the community.

The first farbrengen will iyH be Sunday night, Motzei Yom Tov, featuring Rabbi Yossi Paltiel and will be hosted by the Cheins on 1373 Carroll street.

The last two Chol Hamoed Farbrengens of a 4-series for young women will take place this Tuesday and Wednesday night. The Farbrengens will feature Rabbi Chitrik on Tuesday night and Rabbi Raskin on Wednesday night.

We’re excited to bring to you from the most sought after speakers. These Farbrengens are a great opportunity for young women to come together to farbreng and strengthen each other.

The Farbrengens will take place at the Friedfertig Sukkah at 1320 Carroll street on Tuesday night and the Deitsch Sukkah at 667 Crown street on Wednesday night at 9:15 pm. All young women are welcome to attend

All farbrengens are available on Zoom as well:

The recording of each farbrengen can later be found on Spotify:

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