Sukkah Mobiles Bring Lulav to Montreal Streets

Despite Montreal being a COVID red zone on Sukkos this year, Bochurim and Shluchim arranged 11 Sukkah Mobiles with only a short notice.

Bochurim and Shluchim in Montreal joined forces to pull off 11 Sukkah Mobiles this year.

Notwithstanding Montreal being a red zone on Sukkos this year, the highest level in Covid zones in Canada, Bochurim and Shluchim managed to arrange 11 Sukkah Mobiles with only a short few days of planning.

Each Sukkah mobile is equipped with a sanitizing station to ensure that everyone can safely enter the Sukkah, despite the pandemic.

In addition, a website called was launched where there is a listing of different Sukkahs that will be open at certain times for one family at a time to come in, make a Bracha with a ‘Leisheiv Ba’Sukkah’ and make a Bracha on the Lulav and Esrog. Between each family, the Sukkah will be disinfected.

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