Study Maseches Sotah With the New Torah-Texts

With’s new Torah Texts platform, you can take your Sotah study experience to new heights. An all-new interface and embedded video classes make for an enhanced study experience.


On the second night of Passover, we began the Omer season, eagerly counting seven weeks until the holiday of Shavuot. During these 49 spiritually rich days, many study one page of Tractate Sotah each day. The tractate contains 49 folios (including the cover page), aligning with the 49 days of the Omer count.

Sotah is one of the most colorful and eclectic books of the Talmud, covering a range of topics, including the Priestly Blessing, the Midrashic backstory of the Exodus and mighty Samson, and, of course, the Sotah, the “suspected adulteress.” 

And now, with’s new Torah Texts platform, you can take your Sotah study experience to new heights. 

Torah Texts makes available a wealth of major Jewish works, including classic texts with their accompanying commentaries, halachic treatises and Chassidic discourses—with more being added all the time!  It also integrates’s vast trove of video and audio classes, offering a “guided learning” experience, where users can listen to or watch world-class lectures alongside the text.

When learning Sotah this year, you can either read the text on your own in the language of your choice (English and/or Hebrew/Aramaic, with Rashi and Tosafot for the seasoned scholars) or you can follow a class by master Talmud teacher, Rabbi Avraham M. Zajac. 

The translation and commentary is from the acclaimed Koren Talmud Bavli (with thanks to the Steinsaltz Center), and we are so excited to share it with you!

While the new Torah Text platform is exciting and new, it’s par for the course for our team, which has led the effort to upload Jewish texts to the world wide web and help to foster a deeper connection to Judaism’s rituals and faith since 1988. Registered in 1993, with the dawn of the Internet, continued this legacy as one of the first 500 websites ever created and the first website dedicated to Jewish life and practice.

 With the introduction of the new Torah Texts platform on, the vision remains the same, but the horizon of what’s possible keeps expanding. By continuing its strong tradition in retooling decades of online Torah in a format that focuses on accessibility and user-friendliness, utilizes technology to empower Jews worldwide with knowledge of their 3,300-year-old tradition. 

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