Students Watch and Learn as School Mezuzahs Are Installed

Rabbi Shalom Ber Levine, head librarian of the Rebbe’s library, and Rabbi Yishaya Elazar Cohen, head shliach of Kazakhstan, affixed mezuzos to the doorposts of Ateres Chaya Mushka’s new location in Crown Heights as elementary students looked on.

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Elementary students of Ateres Chaya Mushka girl’s school in Crown Heights gathered to watch as mezuzos were affixed to the doorposts of their new location at 524 Midwood Street.

The event was also a learning experience for the students, as Rabbi Shalom Ber Levine, head librarian of the Central Chabad Library, explained various halachos related to the mitzvah of mezuzah as he put up each one.

Rabbi Yishaya Elazar Cohen, the head Shliach of Kazakhstan, was honored with installing the mezuza by the main entrance.

The mezuzos were affixed to the doorways of a beautiful and spacious new building, located at 524 Midwood Street, where the elementary division of Ateres Chaya Mushka School recently moved to.

The new location expands their ability to accept more students looking for a warm, loving and chassidishe school environment that focuses on each individual. Their goal is to give each student a successful experience.

Click here to watch as Rabbi Shalom Ber Levine explains the laws of mezuzah at Ateres Chaya Mushka. 

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