Students Travel to Chocolate Factory to Learn Kosher

Children of the South Florida Jewish Academy’s visit to a chocolate factory was the culmination of a year-long groundbreaking hands-on program learning about Kosher certification.

Children of the South Florida Jewish Academy’s visit to a chocolate factory was the culmination of a year-long groundbreaking program learning about Kosher certification.

The students enjoyed a revolutionary program and curriculum collaboratively created by Rabbi Levi Feigelstock, the Executive Director of the Orthodox Rabbinical Board (ORB) Kashrus agency in South Florida, and the South Florida Jewish Academy faculty.

The high school students completed a year-long unit of learning about Kosher certification, and the ins and outs of being a Mashgiach in today’s complex industrial food industry, working towards receiving certification as a Mashgiach, in addition to their high school diploma.

The Kashrus program, the first of its kind, combined classes in science, cooking lessons and a deep dive into Halacha. Rabbi Levi Feigelstock, the Executive Director of the ORB, personally taught the students to ensure the students received the highest level of learning from Sefarim together with practical, hands-on guidance and experience. 

Not only did the students love the program, but parents were also thrilled as well: “The world is changing at a rapid pace and while almost every industry has changed with it, education, in many schools, remains the same as it has for the last hundred years. We chose SFJA for our entire family because we saw an orientation towards real-world learning and preparation for an ever-changing world. This coupled with core values of kindness and putting children first made our choice simple.”, highlighted Dr. Eliezer Jones.

SFJA’s campus, located in Coconut Creek, is a 33,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility that develops and encourages children to become lifelong learners. “This school gave Hershey a place to belong, and a principal who believed in him,” says Mrs. Naomi Clapman. “To say that each teacher here is invested in their student is an understatement.” 

The school is totally devoted to the Rebbe’s instruction that no child should be withheld from receiving a proper Jewish education. The entire second section of Tanya is referred to by the Alter Rebbe as “Chinuch Katan” and built upon the verse, “Train a child in the way he ought to go; He will not swerve from it even in old age.” By meeting each child on his own path, SFJA gives each student the confidence and ability to reach their fullest potential.

“After years of being at other schools, SFJA succeeded in providing Shuey with the confidence necessary to learn, grow and thrive as a student and young adult,” says Yossi Kahan.

“The environment and staff work to intentionally meet students while embracing their individuality with a unique approach to learning … With the support of the teachers and staff, Shuey discovered that he is smart, knowledgeable and intelligent… He currently earns high grades in his class and has developed a love for the medical field with the hopes of becoming a Doctor one day… We are beyond grateful to SFJA for what they do and encourage other families to visit and support this incredible school.”

The influx of families to South Florida, from all different states, with all different learning levels make it difficult for families to place their children in school. South Florida Jewish Academy’s differentiated instruction and smaller classes allow all children to succeed and grow.

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