Students Mark 76th Birthday of Beloved ‘Reb Avrohom’

Photos: Mendi Dahan/

The 76th birthday of beloved Oholei Torah maggid shiur Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzky was marked with a grand birthday bash, as per a years-long tradition.

Rabbi Avrohom Gerlitzky began teaching in Oholei Torah, the flagship Chabad Yeshiva in the United States, in 5732. During the five-plus decades that he has taught in Oholei Torah, thousands of students studied under him, and he is beloved by his students and alumni around the world, who simply refer to him as “Reb Avrohom.”

For almost four decades, the yeshiva bochurim have celebrated Rabbi Gerlitzky’s birthday with a full on celebration, including farbrengen, birthday cake and presents. This year was no different. A grand birthday bash was held in Crown Heights’ Agudah Shul.

Throughout the event, family members, guests, former students and friends of Reb Avrohom kept showing up to wish the beloved maggid shiur mazal tov on his reaching the milestone birthday.

The celebration took place amid much singing, dancing and music, with many former students stopping by to give and receive brachos from their beloved teacher.

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