Students from Across Canada Join Leadership Shabbaton

The Canadian National Leadership and Inclusion Retreat and Shabbaton hosted distinguished guests and offered fun engaging activities in Quebec to nurture Canadian students in leadership, and inclusion.

The Canadian National Leadership and Inclusion Retreat and Shabbaton was a weekend to remember, held in the beautiful Laurentian Mountains of Quebec. The event was organized by Friendship Circle Montreal and hosted world-renowned speaker Rabbi YY Jacobson, as well as other distinguished guests including Ysabella Hazan, Lee Haberkorn, Steven Abadi, and DJ Adam Greenberg.

The weekend brought together over 150 students from all over Canada, including Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver. The weekend theme was leadership and inclusion, and participants had the opportunity to learn from some of the top leaders and educators in the field.

Rabbi YY Jacobson, a celebrated speaker, and teacher gave several keynotes throughout the weekend. His talks focused on Love, Relationships, Leadership, communication, and addiction and trauma. He also touched on the qualities of great leaders and how we can develop these skills within ourselves.

Ysabella Hazan, a prominent social entrepreneur, Israeli activist, and founder of the non-profit organization  Decolonized Judean “To Be You,” spoke about her experiences working with marginalized communities and the importance of empathy and understanding in creating more inclusive environments. 

Lee Haberkorn, a Montreal entrepreneur, and media icon led a workshop on creative leadership and teamwork.

In addition to the intellectual and spiritual stimulation, the weekend also included lots of fun activities such as skiing, ice skating, and other outdoor activities. As well as a dance party and music performance by Steven Abadi and DJ Adam Greenberg. These activities provided a great opportunity for participants to bond and create lasting friendships.

The event was organized by Rabbi Refael and Chana Paris of Friendship Circle Montreal, who worked tirelessly to ensure that the event was a success. Paris and his team created a warm, welcoming environment that fostered learning, growth, and community.

Overall, the Canadian National Leadership an Inclusion Retreat and Shabbaton was a truly inspiring event that brought together Jewish students from across Canada to learn, grow, and connect. The weekend was a testament to the power of the Jewish community and the importance of leadership and inclusion in building a brighter future.

You can see a video recap from the motzei shabbos havdalah event here.

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