Students Enhance Neshek with Candlestick Designed by the Rebbe

While tealights are commonly given out for Mivtzah Neshek, they only last for one week. High school students Mushka and Malky are working to make candlesticks available for all, using the design that the Rebbe chose in 1974.

“The candlesticks are so useful because I can reuse them week after week!” commented one grateful recipient on Mivtzoyim.

In the year 1974 (5734), the Rebbe started Mivtzah Neshek, campaigning that all Jewish women and girls from the age of three, should light Shabbos candles. This would ensure that each Friday, more light would be brought into the world. People from all over the world wanted to be a part of this widespread force of good. 

A producer of metal articles decided to offer a candlestick that he would manufacture at a wholesale price. He designed a candleholder that he considered modern art. However, when a sample of this candlestick was shown to the Rebbe, The Rebbe said not to use it because it wasn’t sturdy enough.

The manufacturer was unsure of what kind of design to create, so he made five different prototypes. The Rebbe was not satisfied with any of them as they were, but said to use the cup from one of the samples, the middle ring from a second, and the base of the widest, making it stable. A new candlestick was created according to the Rebbe’s design!

When you hear ‘mivtza neshek,’ a small box or bag with tea lights usually comes to mind. Hundreds of Lubavitch girls go on mivtzoyim each week, giving out tealights for Jewish women and girls to light on Friday night. While tealights are good, they only last one week. When Mushka and Malky, two high school students, heard the above story, they felt passionately about making these candlesticks accessible to everyone.

Mushka and Malky put together their maaser money and ordered boxes, candlesticks and supplies. They decided that it is time to make the candlesticks that the Rebbe chose, available and accessible for everyone to take along on mivtzoyim, free of charge. They put together ready-made Neshek gift boxes featuring the candlesticks that the Rebbe chose, candles, matches, a guide to lighting candles, and a pushka. 

They started off with 50 boxes, but immediately realized that that was not enough. They raised money and ordered a few hundred more boxes and candlesticks, which also went quickly.

The boxes are in high demand, and over the past year, hundreds of boxes were given out. Many Shluchim are taking them for their communities, teachers are taking them for Hebrew schools, and many people are taking them for mivtzoyim, as a present, or for anyone that they know. The boxes are also available to be shipped to Shluchim or to a friend, at minimum shipping price. Boxes are available in English and Russian, and in boxes with one or two candlesticks for women or for little girls.

Among the beautiful feedback they’ve received:

Jacob, a father of girls who just started lighting Shabbos candles writes, “The gift boxes have brought light into our life and have allowed my family to start Shabbos with an incredibly beautiful and holy Mitzvah that is so important to the Rebbi.”

A Hebrew school teacher wrote, “The beautiful Shabbos candle kits were given out to many students at my school. The kit includes a candlestick as well as a guide for beginners to use and is beautifully made! Many girls are lighting Shabbos candles because of the candlestick they received! This initiative is adding so much light to the world and making the Rebbe so proud!”

Because these gift boxes are free of charge, they need to gather the funds to keep creating them. Become a partner in this unique Mivtza Neshek that is so dear toTes Vov the Rebbe. Let’s conquer the world with light, one neshama at a time. 

Join the raffle and become a partner today! 

*$5 sponsors one neshek gift box, and gives you 1 entry to a $175 gift certificate to Kirsh Jewelers. 

*$25 sponsors 5 neshek gift boxes, and gives you 2 entries to the Kirsh Jewelers certificate, and 1 entry for a dollar from the Rebbe. 

*$50 sponsors 10 neshek gift boxes, and gives you 3 entries to the Kirsh Jewelers certificate, and 2 entries for a Rebbe Dollar.

Donate to PayPal at [email protected], or Cashapp $neshekgiftbox.

The raffle will Iy”h be held on Tes Vov Adar I

If you would like to receive the neshek gift boxes, you can get them through the Mivtzoim Shop at LYO 1845 393 1951, or for large quantities or to ship out contact Mushka and Malky at [email protected] or call/text 1 (516) 962-4422.

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