Students and Alumni Set Out to Share Rabbi Wagner’s Burden

With Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto celebrating 25 years, and rosh yeshiva Rabbi Akiva Wagner battling a terrible illness, students and alumni of the yeshiva have set out to share his burden, raising funds to allow the yeshiva to grow and expand.

Twenty-five years ago, Rabbi Akiva Wagner founded Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto. Renowned for his complete dedication to the personal growth and success of each individual Talmid, the Yeshiva quickly became one of the flagship educational institutions in the Chabad world. Over these years, more than 1,000 students have benefited from his leadership, personal example, and dedication, and their impact has been felt throughout the world. Many alumni are Rabbanim, Shluchim, and community leaders around the world.

Shouldering responsibility for the spiritual as well as material matters of the Yeshiva, Rabbi Wagner sees it to be his privilege to benefit a Tomim in whichever way he can. Sparing no cost to ensure their success, he gives himself wholly over to his Talmidim.

Rabbi Wagner isn’t just a teacher in the Yeshiva; he is the spiritual and physical fuel of the Yeshiva. His passionate Farbrengens are legendary, and there is nothing he would not do for the success and physical comfort of each Talmid. Even years after they’ve moved on, he continues to inspire his alumni around the world – working hours each week on “Cyber Farbrengen” emails that are eagerly read and shared by thousands.

Two years ago, Rabbi Wagner was diagnosed with a terrible disease (may we never know of such things) that put his tremendous work in jeopardy and left the yeshiva in turmoil. Despite his every effort, the intense treatments now leave him unable to continue to shoulder the financial burden and fundraising for the Yeshiva. We are trying to remove this practical and emotional stress through this campaign, allowing the Yeshiva to survive and thrive and Rabbi Wagner to focus all of his energy on returning bez”h to complete health. 

The Rebbe declared: “Toronto will be a source of Chassidus for the entire world.” Rabbi Wagner has done his part in realizing this vision: Now it is up to each of us to help! 

Please step up and do what you can to help share the burden.

Right now, we have a campaign to raise $770,000 for the Yeshiva, covering the deficit for this year and performing some desperately needed renovations to the Yeshiva building. The campaign will go on for just 4 days: 24-27 Teves (December 28-31). Every dollar will be matched X2. We need YOU to help make this happen!

Bez”h with the power of our Tefillos and Tzedakah, Rabbi Wagner will have a complete and speedy recovery, and continue to lead the Yeshiva and inspire until the coming of Moshiach.

From the depths of our hearts, thank you! May each and every one who participates be showered with revealed brochos, and may we all have only besuros tovos umesamchos!

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