Stories of the Rebbetzin Presented for Kids

For the first time ever, just in time for the Rebbetzin’s birthday, Derher for Kids recorded stories of the Rebbetzin in a kid-friendly way, with sound effects, characters and drama.

You’ll often hear people say “No-one really knew the Rebbetzin”. For some, the personality of the Rebbetzin is viewed as shrouded in mystery.

The truth, however, is quite different.

People with close access have been sharing stories for years. And over time, a wealth of information about the Rebbetzin has built up. We now have access to more insight about the Rebbetzin.

The newer stories that have emerged go far beyond the handful of well known stories that were related throughout the decades. They bring out the Rebbetzin’s personality, tzidkus, knowledge, and mesiras nefesh.

For the first time ever, just in time for the Rebbetzin’s birthday, A Chassidisher Derher recorded some of these stories in a kid-friendly way. With sound effects, characters and drama, your child will come to better understand and appreciate the role and stature of the Rebbetzin in a whole new light.

Listen to the two 30+ minute episodes here.

These episodes are part of the Derher for kids audio project, bringing the Rebbe and chassidishe life to our children in a fun and relatable way.

With more than 18 educational episodes, Derher for Kids is reshaping the landscape of our children’s relationship with the Rebbe and chassidishe life. 

Thousands of kids have been enjoying the gripping and educational episodes, full of learning and adventure.

Don’t let your child miss out!

Listen here:


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