‘Stories from Samarkand’ Contest Launched

Did you hear a story about Samarkand from your grandfather, or maybe by a chassidishe farbrengen? A contest by Anash.org and the publishers of ‘Defiance in Samarkand’ will offer free books to those who send in the best Samarkand stories.

By Anash.org reporter

Did you hear a story about the famous city Samarkand from your grandfather, or maybe by a chassidishe farbrengen? You can now win a free copy of the newly published book ‘Defiance in Samarkand’ with that story!

Samarkand was famously a land of refuge during the 20th century for Jews fleeing the Nazi onslaught. But Samarkand was already a land with a long Jewish past, a land steeped in synagogues, rabbis, and scholars.

The newly published ‘Defiance in Samarkand’ takes the reader through a journey of a civilization over a millennium old. From the Silk Road of late antiquity, the Jews of Bukharia spread their presence and influence throughout the Asian region, where they established vibrant communities of commerce and Torah.

But the history of Samarkand can’t be contained to one book. There are thousands of additional stories and experiences that took place in the town in Uzbekistan.

To assure that these stories as well will be transcribed for future generations, Anash.org and the publishers of ‘Defiance in Samarkand’ are launching the ‘Stories from Samarkand’ contest.

To enter, write down your favorite story from Samarkand, and send it in to [email protected]. The top five stories will receive a free copy of ‘Defiance in Samarkand’, as well as having their stories featured on Anash.org.

Don’t know a story? Call up your grandfather, uncle, neighbor, or family friend, and ask them to tell you a story from Samarkand. You might be a winner!

Send your stories in to [email protected].
Winners will be announced Sunday, 26 Teves – January 10th.

Defiance in Samarkand can be purchased on Amazon or on Kehot website.

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