“If You Stop Watching the News, We Can Actually Bring Moshiach”

Open letter by Rabbi Sholom Ber Lipskar: If we don’t stop watching the news and engaging in social media we’re missing a historic opportunity. Raising money and singing “Am Yisroel Chai” is nice, but now is the opportunity to get everyone to behave more Jewishly.

By Rabbi Sholom Ber Lipskar – The Shul of Bal Harbor

I am taking this opportunity to share a thought with so many of our extraordinary soldiers and representatives of HaShem and the Rebbe.

Everybody is doing something and it’s good, however, we are losing sight of a historical opportunity that we have.

We know that we don’t have the kind of clarity that is necessary to see the way forward during times of such magnitude and with such irrational and chilling perspectives. We all know clearly that the clarity and aperture of how to look at our world in our generation is only through the Rebbe’s eyes, mouth, and directives.

A fire has been lit in the bowels of every single Jew in the world. Most Jews are shaken and filled with trepidation, fear, and doubt, but they are alive, and they know that they are being targeted. We know that because every single Jewish institution has improved its security environment.

The Rebbe created us as a force to be front-line partners in achieving total victory, eradicating the word of evil, and preparing the world for Moshiach.

First, we have to get out of our comfort zones and become serious soldiers every single day.

We’re not asked to go to the front lines, nobody needs you to go to Israel right now. We have enough people there and our mission is right where we are in America awakening and keeping the ember that has been reignited in every Jew alive.

We have to deal with the world Jewry in America and everywhere else. We have a job to do now and every day.

We know there’s no more talk of colonizers, usurpers, oppressors, apartheid, or other garbage lies. We know that they hate us not because we’re wealthy, powerful, or have a country. History testifies that they hate with a visceral evil just because we are Jews, and they are Amalek.

The only thing that is necessary now is to live more Jewishly. Most Jews in America don’t know why they’re Jewish. A mother called me crying as her little daughter, a beautiful little girl, came to her and said, “Mommy so many people in the world don’t like us, why don’t we just quit being Jewish?” She calls me crying. What should I tell her?

Most Jewish kids today don’t know why they’re Jewish. They identify and relate to being Jewish via antisemitism in the most negative way.

And so many are bringing up the Holocaust as an answer to this matter. That’s just another reason for the child not to want to be Jewish. We are in Hashem’s and the Rebbe’s Army that’s asleep wasting our time sharing another news story with another commentator, feeling bad for our victimization that does nothing to give us the necessary, courage, strength, resilience, power and pride in this cataclysmic battle for the endgame getting rid of the worlds evil.

It’s a type of commitment that forces us to get up in the morning like a soldier and not to go to sleep at night until you’ve done your job.

Every single day each one of us and anyone that we can have any influence over and get 10 people to become more Jewish put a Mezuzah on your door, put on Tefillin, wear your yarmulke in public, eat kosher, light candles Friday night keep the sabbath live like the Chosen people should live. Live like a Jew publicly.

Get off the news programs, it doesn’t help anybody.

You know yourself it’s about time we took the Rebbe seriously and get out of our comfort zone. We know that if we got together with the expertise and inspiration of the leadership of this chat that puts people together and inspires them to commit this week to serving as soldiers from the time we get up in the morning until we go to sleep at night full-time work.

We’re not sitting down for one minute opening up CNN or ABC or whatever we listen to all day, we’re going to do. We’ll knock on doors, make phone calls to our acquaintances, friends, neighbors, or any Jew, and encourage him to live more as a Jew. Let’s take it seriously, let’s not lose the opportunity.

The Jewish World is on fire it could be a fire that gets extinguished or destroys things around us or it can be a fire that becomes the fire that “is a light to the nations”, like the soldiers of Israel are on fire with one focus in mind “victory”.

All the money raised is great, our singing is fantastic but pales in comparison to what they need. We need to join the struggle in our own spaces, not look for something that makes us feel better and takes away our guilt that we did something.

The Rebbe cried and cried and screamed saying to us why am I screaming and crying because when it hurts that’s what you do. It’s enough publicizing, great speakers, and great orators in the secular world. That’s very nice that they support us, but we don’t need to see more pictures of Holocaust images of Jews, being slaughtered and mutilated and three-dimensional color on TikTok. We don’t need to see more pictures of Jews being victimized. We are proud Jews we are the Chosen people we have a mission to light up the world we’re not helpless victims.

We have a critical moment here and if we don’t take advantage of it, we blew a significant ability to bring Moshiach for real. The world is watching every single Jew is watching let’s not show our weakness and our victimization let’s show our metaphysical, Godly power. Our strength, our resilience, our contribution to civilization, our reason for being is that we are Jews Chosen people by God.

Let’s live that way!

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  1. The Rebbe always spoke about engaging the children .
    Could Chabad start a worldwide project to go into every Jewish school and organization and ask each child to adopt a Mitzva for Israel and then pass it on to their parents with incentives and prizes.

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