‘Stay Here and Learn About Yourself’

When a non-frum young woman told the Rebbe in yechidus that she wanted to go to India to learn about the lives of others, the Rebbe advised her to stay in Crown Heights and learn about herself.

A non-frum young woman was received by the Rebbe at a yechidus. Firmly grounded in her outlook, she argued that one has no right to impose a worldview on another, including in the area of mitzva observance.

Suddenly the Rebbe asked her, “Why did you come here?”

“Because I was brought here,” she responded.

“But didn’t you say that one shouldn’t follow others’ directives?” the Rebbe probed.

The girl softened up. She now turned to the Rebbe to seek his advice on whether she should travel to India to acquaint herself with other people’s way of life, or whether she should advance academically in the United States.

“If you will heed my advice,” the Rebbe counseled her, “stay here. In India you will learn other people’s lifestyle; here you will learn your own.”

The Rebbe’s words influenced her, she stayed in New York, and eventually built a warm chassidishe family.

(Hiskashrus Issue 1235)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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