Spreading Elie’s Light with 700+ Mitzvos

Elie Boutboul was intent on changing the world for good. After his untimely passing, friends and family united through a OneMitzvah campaign, collectively doing over 700 mitzvos in his honor.

A passionate and curious soul, Elie Boutboul left an indelible mark on all who knew him. As a physics student at the University of Miami, Elie was driven to make a positive impact on the world.

A longtime neighbor of the Boutbouls, Rabbi Moishe Kievman of Chabad of Highland Lakes, Florida, shares how he and Elie would study Torah together.“He would come by for Shabbat and holidays and was happy to learn more about our heritage. He always enjoyed taking on new mitzvot.”

Tragically, Elie Boutboul passed away at a young age. In the face of this profound loss, a OneMitzvah campaign was launched in Elie’s honor, and it quickly gained momentum.

“We saw an opportunity to turn this dark time into a powerful force for good,” explains Rabbi Kievman. “Our message to the community was simple: Let’s honor Elie’s memory by making the world a better place, one mitzvah at a time.”

Inspired by Elie’s example, family and friends from every stage of his life, from elementary school to university, rallied together by taking on a new mitzvah. Within a short time, the goal of 700 mitzvos was not only reached, but exceeded.

“Elie was always thirsting to know more and accomplish great things,” shares his mother, Inga Boutboul. “Each mitzvah performed in Elie’s memory perpetuates his legacy and elevates his special soul.”

“In times of incomprehensible darkness, the Rebbe taught us to respond by adding more light to this world,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302, “the global Mitzvah campaign inspired by Elie is the ultimate Jewish response to tragedy.“

Whether celebrating joyous occasions, providing strength to heal, or giving support amidst loss, transform personal moments into a mitzvah opportunity. Launch your campaign today at onemitzvah.org.

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