Spectacular Production About the Courageous Women of Chevron

Girls at LGHS in Chicago produced a spectacular production, “Our City, Our Land,” with the incredible story of Sarah Nachshon and a courageous group of women who demonstrated Mesiras Nefesh to reclaim the holy city of Chevron. 

For many girls in high school, the annual production is a highlight of the year. It offers an opportunity for them to showcase their many talents and shine beyond the classroom. 

This year, anticipation was palpable as the girls of Lubavitch Girls High School prepared to present their performance live on stage for the first time since before COVID!

After weeks of dedicated practice, the girls were ready to debut their spectacular production, “Our City, Our Land,” on April 2nd. Under the guidance of  Mrs. Sheindy Zirkind, the students took charge of various departments to create a seamless production. Production heads Ariella Boyarskiy, Dena Rosie Kalmanson, Chaiky Stern, and Mussi Yaras devoted countless hours into perfecting every song, dance, and drama, resulting in a true masterpiece.

In the words of the girls:
“Production was really special to me because it expresses my talents which I can’t normally express in school,” shared an enthusiastic Raizel Wilhelm.

“I loved the production because everyone got a chance to know each other better,” said Necha Duboff.
ZK added, “It was such a great experience because everyone thrived and had fun.”

Dorm mother, Mrs. Faigy Schechter expressed her delight in seeing the girls utilize their talents, noting  “It was wonderful to see the girls working collaboratively and putting their energy into something so productive in their free time.” 

Principal Mrs. Sarah Wineberg related, “Observing the girls working together in such a unified way in so many roles and using their many talents was truly gratifying.”

The play portrayed the incredible story of Sarah Nachshon and a courageous group of women who demonstrated Mesiras Nefesh to reclaim the holy city of Chevron.  Through music, dance, drama, and art, the girls showcased their exceptional talents.

Close to 500 people from the Chicago community enjoyed an evening of breathtaking entertainment, commemorating a significant chapter in the history of our Holy Land. The story’s powerful message provided much-needed Chizzuk as we daven for safety, peace, and the ultimate Geulah very soon.

Now that Sefira is behind us, we are thrilled to announce that the video is available for women and girls in the wider community. It’s sure to captivate and inspire. Don’t miss out! Rent the film on Vimeo.

Please click here to watch this incredible production.

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