Special ‘Shemitah Sale’ and New Volumes from Lahak

Lahak Hanachos is marking the end of the shemitah year with a special sale on individual volumes of Toras Menachem. Two new volumes of the Rebbe’s Torah are also expected to arrive before Rosh Hashana.

Mark the end of Shemitah and the beginning of Hakhel by expanding your personal library of the Rebbe’s Torah. Dozens of individual volumes of Toras Menachem are available for a mere third of the price. 

With the close of this Shemitah year, Lahak Hanochos is holding a special sale for a variety of Toras Menachem volumes — spanning all three sets of Toras Menachem.

On the sale’s online portal – www.lahak.org/20av, a selection of the books can be ordered and delivered directly to your door. 11 volumes are available from the set of Toras Menachem of the early years (5710-5735), 17 volumes from the later Toras Menachem (5742-5752) and 13 from the set of Sefer Hamaamarim.

The sale opened on Chof Av and will be concluded in just one week, on Chai Elul. It is limited to the United States this time, the delivery will arrive to your home before Rosh Hashanah.

Order today at www.lahak.org/20av

Lahak is also hard at work producing more content of the Rebbe’s Torah. At this moment, two more seforim are going to print:

1. Volume 78 of Toras Menachem, encompassing all the Rebbe’s Sichos and Maamarim that were delivered between Rosh Hashanah and Shabbos Vayeshev 5735 (1975).

2. A new volume with 50 Maamarim which were delivered by the Rebbe in the year 5736. These include both mugah maamarim and those which were not edited by the Rebbe, reedited with copious footnotes and indexes.

The new volumes will appear before Rosh Hashanah in Kehos and in central Judaica stores in Anash communities. May Hashem bless us that we be able to hear new Torah from the Rebbe, with the coming of Moshiach, very speedily.

To order a large amount for shuls or yeshivos and for more information, email [email protected]

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