Spanish Chassidus App Gets Major Upgrade

Thousands of Chassidus shiurim have been viewed and listened to on the “Sichos in Spanish” JasidApp app released last year. Now the long-awaited update has finally arrived.

Since “Sichos in Spanish” launched the JasidApp app more than a year ago, it has been received with great excitement among Spanish speakers all over the world.

After a year of continuous activity with hundreds of thousands of shiurim viewed and heard, the long-awaited update has finally arrived.

“This is an update at a professional level rarely found in the Torah world today,” says Rabbi David Stoler, chairman of the ‘Sichos in Spanish.’

The app is easy to use and already contains more than 2,000 Chasiddus classes given by more than a dozen Rabbis, Mashpi’m, and Shluchim from all over South and Central America as well as Spanish speakers in Eretz Yisroel.

The app gives Jews from Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Columbia, etc. the ability to hear every day a shiur on Chassidus or a Chassidic farbrengen or story.

“This is a very powerful and necessary initiative,” says one of the associates at a Chabad center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. “It has completely changed my world.”

JasidApp places special emphasis on user convenience using advanced technology. The user has many new options that allow him to tailor the learning to his needs, such as:

• Choosing a Rabbi follow
• Choosing which level of study best suits him
• Following certain topics
• Daily study sessions
• And much more.

There is a special section was for the Likkutei Sichos Project in Spanish where hundreds of students study and participate every week. This includes audio and video lessons as well as full translations of the Sichos into Spanish.

The user sets up his personal study room with the audio and video sessions he wishes to save for further study and self-growth such as current topics like the weekly Parsha, Maamamrim, and Sichos as well as learning tools that encompass topics in-depth.

A special thank you goes to all the rabbis who participate in delivering the lessons and spreading the wonderful project, and all the wonderful institutions that support this venture, including:

Chabad Argentina
Institution of Shiurim
Kehos Publications,NY
Lahak Hanochos
Vivir Jasidut
Project Likkutei Sichos
Torat Chabad Libnei Haieshivot
Jasidut Online
Rabbi Elor Verner
The meaningful life center
Rabbi Shneur Ashkenazi
The Steinsaltz center

You can download the JasidApp free of charge. Click here for iPhone and Android.

Click here for a video on how to navigate the app.

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