South Crown Heights Will Be Home to the New Nosson’s Shul

Nosson’s Shul of Crown Heights, established 11 years ago in memory of Nosson Deitch a”h, will be purchasing a new property to fill the needs of the growing South Crown Heights community.

Crown Heights is a living thing. Crown Heights is a growing place. Crown Heights is our home.

And Crown Heights, our home, is expanding, with Nosson’s Shul set to purchase a new property that will serve as a Shul and a community center.

Nosson’s Shul was established 11 years ago in the memory of Nosson Deitch a”h. In the years since, it has grown, under the leadership of Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm, and Shul President Mendy Wilhelm, to be a pride of the entire Crown Heights community.

But close to a decade after the shul moved into its current location on Empire Blvd., the shul has grown to the point that a much larger location is needed.

“For the past eleven years, Nosson’s Shul has lived, grown, and expanded beyond our imagination,” Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm told “And now it’s time to build our future.”

After searching for a new location, the shul found a beautiful property on the corner of Brooklyn and Midwood that will perfectly serve their needs.

“More than a class Shul, this corner space will be”h serve as a center for the fast-growing South Crown Heights community,” Rabbi Wilhelm said.

With development, the building will house a gorgeous Shul, classrooms for Shiurim and children’s programs, a comfortable social hall, kitchen, library, and play areas. The space also boasts parking and apartments on the upper floors that could house guests, or serve as a source of income for the community center.

But before developing the building, the Shul must close on the property. The downpayment is $500,000, half of which has already been raised from a number of generous individuals and families.

Nosson’s Shul is now turning to the community to help to raise the remaining $250,000!

On Tuesday 29 Iyar, May 11, at noon, Nosson’s Shul is launching a 48-hour Charidy campaign to raise the full downpayment needed. Every dollar given will be matched 2x by those generous souls.

The campaign is called: NOSSON MEANS GIVE! Please go to to give what you can and help us build our future, build our life!

Moreover: Nosson/נתן is Gematria 500! Please help us raise our 500k to honor Nosson! What better way to hasten the Geulah than by building the future of our Yiddishkeit together!

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