Son Pays Tribute to Father With “Perek in Ten”

Montreal Rabbi Mordechai Wenger is paying tribute to his father, Rabbi Eliezer Wenger a”h, with a new website that offers a convenient and easy way to study Mishnayos for the letters of someone’s name.

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A new website for Mishna learning was launched by a Montreal Lubavitcher in memory and in tribute to his father.

Rabbi Eliezer Wenger, a noted author, educator and expert on Jewish law, passed away in 5770 at the age of 62. Revered by students around the world and his pupils at Montreal’s Beth Rivkah Academy and Lubavitch School, he formulated a curriculum that has guided thousands in their daily lives, and served as the rabbi of the Oneg Shabbos synagogue.

In honor of his 12th yahrzeit on 22 Adar this year, his son Rabbi Mordechai Wenger, mashgiach of the Montreal Yeshiva, created a new website to help study Mishnayos on a yahrzeit or in memory of a relative or loved one.

The website,, offers a recording of a Perek Mishnayos for each letter of the alef bais, in under ten minutes. The custom of many is to learn Mishnayos corresponding to the name of the niftar, and the website offers a convenient and easy way to learn mishnayos for any name.

“The word משנה has the same letters as the word נשמה. Learning משניות is good for the נשמה. It is also a custom to learn משניות on a yartzheit. The custom is to learn a perek for each letter of the persons name. With these recordings we hope to make this custom accessible to all. We should merit the coming of Moshiach now, and והקיצו ורננו שוכני עפר,” the Wenger family said.

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