Sofer Shows the Backstory of Writing a Torah

Watch: Rabbi Shnayer Roth, sofer and maggid shiur in New Haven Mesivta, set out to pull back the curtain and educate the public about all the details and intricacies that writing a Torah entails.

Those lucky enough to have participated in a Siyum Sefer Torah can attest to the Simcha and joy felt when welcoming a new Torah scroll. The music, the dancing, the unbridled emotion inherent in the event.

But what exactly goes into writing and preparing a Sefer Torah for use?

Rabbi Shnayer Roth, is a long time Magid Shiur in Mesivta Bais Dovid Shlomo in New Haven. He is also a Sofer. He is currently setting out to pull back the curtain on this holy craft and educate the public about all the details and intricacies that writing a Torah entails.

Recently he has begun producing a series of videos detailing the processes that go into creating a Sefer Torah. The videos take the viewer along for the entire journey – from choosing parchment and fashioning a quill, to letter formations and attaching the scroll to the handles.

“This has always been a dream of mine,” says Rabbi Roth. “For many years I have been teaching safrus to groups of Bochurim in the yeshiva and am fortunate to see up close the world that is opened up to them when they are exposed to the beauty of Safrus. I’d like to bring this to the rest of the world as well.”

Together with Mendel Danzinger, a student in the Yeshiva who shoots and edits the videos, Rabbi Roth plans on releasing a series of 10 videos over the upcoming months. The videos are beautifully shot and edited, with clear explanations given, allowing even the novice to appreciate this esoteric craft.

The first two episodes are available for your viewing pleasure.

Episode Zero:

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Episode One:

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