“So Which Wagner Are You?”

Article By Rabbi Dov Wagner: Whenever I introduce myself to someone in the world of Lubavitch (and beyond) as Wagner, I know the question that’s coming.

By Rabbi Dov Wagner – Chabad @ USC

Whenever I introduce myself to someone in the world of Lubavitch (and beyond) as Wagner, I know the question that’s coming:

“Which Rabbi Wagner? Toronto? South Africa? Morristown?”

And then of course next is: “Your brother Rabbi Wagner (Akiva) had such an impact on me.” Or on “my son/my brother/my friends”, etc.

The truth is, I know the feeling. My brother Akiva has such an impact on me as well. Not just the usual impact of an inspirational older brother. Besides everything else, from my first days of coming to the Rebbe from the Yeshiva I was in at the time, Akiva’s farbrengens, stories, Chassidishkeit, and most importantly his personal example had a huge effect on my thinking and direction, and helped shape all the years that followed.

But hamefursomos einan tzrichin ra’aya. His decades of dedication to educating talmidim and building the Yeshiva in Toronto are well known. And especially his inspirational example of bitachon and complete Hiskashrus through the recent years of his health struggles have been followed by and touched people throughout the world.

Today – Tes Zayin Iyar – is Rabbi Wagner’s birthday, the day when mazolo gover. On behalf of his entire extended family, I request that you take time today to add in hachlatos tovos in his zchus. Any addition in Torah, Tefilla, or Tzedaka for the merit of his complete and speedy recovery would be tremendously appreciated.

If you would like to dedicate your Tzedaka to Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto, they are currently running a campaign to raise the funds needed to keep the Yeshiva going and growing at www.charidy.com/ylt

May we be zoche to see immediately the fulfillment of the promise of the month of Iyar: vechol hamachala asher samti… lo asim alecha ki ani Hashem rofecha, and may the Aibershter bentch Rabbi Michoel Akiva Gershon ben Rochel Basya with a complete and speedy refuah.

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