Slonimer Rebbe’s Son-in-Law Impressed by Chabad Kollel

The Lubavitcher Kollel in Kiryat Gat hosted the son-in-law of the Slonimer Rebbe for a shiur on Tuesday, following which he expressed his deep admiration for the extensive knowledge of the Lubavitcher yungerleit.

Photos: Mendi Kurant

A special guest delivered a shiur in the Lubavitcher Kollel in Kiryat Gat on Tuesday, following an invitation from the kollel’s head.

The ‘Merkaz Chabad – Sharei Geulah’ kollel in Kiryat Gat, headed by Harav Meir Meiri, has approximately 25 Lubavitcher yungerleit, who are spending the year following their marriage immersed in Torah study.

On Tuesday, the Kollel hosted Harav Gedalia Rizel, a rov in the local community, and son-in-law of the Slonimer Rebbe, Harav Shmuel Barzovski.

Harav Rizel delivered a shiur to the Kollel on Hilchos Nidda, the subject the yungerleit are studying, with full participation of the kollel members. Following the shiur, he expressed his deep admiration for the extensive knowledge of the yungerleit, and the obvious excitement they had for learning Torah.

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