‘Slimescape’ Pop-Up Launches at Jewish Children’s Museum

Slimescape, a new pop-up slime exhibit inspired by the Teivah, has launched at the Jewish Children’s Museum with a haven of myriads of colors, that shine and glisten like the rainbow after the Mabul.

Create core memories with your family this summer, that will last forever! Slimescape – a new pop-up slime exhibit. Inspired by the Teivah, Slimescape is a haven of myriads of colors, that shine and glisten like the rainbow after the Mabul. A great memorable experience. 

The magic of slime, its textures, and its sounds captivate children and preteens, leaving them with hours of uninterrupted fun.

Statistics prove that slime enthralls children and children at heart.

Launching in the heart of Crown Heights, for the first time, this Summer: Slimescape is opening to the public this Sunday 11 Tammuz 5782/ July 10, 2022. Bringing the Story of Noach, the Teivah, and the Mabul to life, with life-size exhibits, and Of course slime, slime, and more slime.

As an ode to the Crown Heights Community, Slimescape is offering a special 30% discount for the opening week. 7/10/22-7/17/22

What you wanted to keep out of the house is being over-compensated, where your children and preteens leave slime happy.

A little more about Slimescape: Slimescape is a Pop-Up slime exhibit, the only Jewish-themed slime exhibit in NYC run by the Jewish Children’s Museum. A place to marvel through the Mabul story, filling children’s sensory needs with slime and slime-like exhibits geared for children ages 6-12.  Slimescape is filled with a much-needed sensory play, with the ability to explore different slime textures and slime-like exhibits.

·Frolic with the animals of Noach’s Taivah in the giant Taivah Foam Pit.

·Be washed away by the Mabul water blob.

·Dry off through the Rainbow tunnel, and stretch the many colorful, textured slime (the pink is my favorite:))

·Contemplate the greatness of Hashem, and peace in the world by the Dove sand pit.

·Complete your visit by making your own slime. Choose from the special Mabul Slime Bar, 1 of the 11 different recipes and options of slime, then pour, mix, stretch, pop, squish, and play with your own slime! The slime can be taken home or put on the slime wall.

Slimescape is located at 382 Kingston Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225.

This week July 10, 2022- July 17, 2022, Slimescape will be offering discounted tickets with code SLIME22 , Be the first to brag about your experience at Slimescape.

For more information or to reserve check out slimescapenyc.com, call slimecape at 718-219-1569 or the Museum at 718-007-8833.

Slime is removable with vinegar, to be on the safe side, we suggest you come in clothing that can be ruined.

Slimescape is a project of the Jewish Children’s Museum.

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