Siyum to Honor Magidei Shiurim and Students

Several Crown Heights Gemara Shiurim will join tonight for a grand siyum and Seudas Mitzvah celebrating the completion of Masechta Yuma, with live entertainment by Chazan Aryeh Leib Hurwitz and the Shira Choir.

This past week, hundreds of individuals from our community completed learning Mesichta Yuma and began Mesichta Sukkah.

Whereas in the past, each class or Shul with a daily Shiur would have made a private Siyum at their Shul, and individuals learning at home or with Chavrusos would also have done a private Siyum, this year, as the Siyum was in close proximity to the Nine days in which the Rebbe requests large public Siyumim, the initiative was taken to host a collective Siyum and to give proper recognition to the hundreds of individuals who learn a daily daf, and especially to the Magidei Shiurim who spend several hours a day preparing to give these classes.

The concept of organizing a collective Siyum was first suggested by many individuals who learn the daily Daf and who felt it would be appropriate, especially during the 9 days, to have a large, collective Siyum which would strengthen the many Shiurim throughout the community.

Rabbi Beryl Junik, whose grandfather, Rabbi Naftali Junik a”h was one of the founders of the Daf Yomi Shiur in Montreal, was approached with the concept and he discussed it with his partners of the Unity Sefer Torah and Hatzalathon Unity Concerts, Rabbis Shloimie Greenwald and Zalmy Cohen, who unanimously felt it was a project worthy of their support.

They approached Rabbi Lazer Avtzon of the Association of Crown Heights Shuls to organize the evening.

After reaching out to all the Shuls and other known Shiurim/ Chavrusos, Rabbi Avtzon solicited the help of Rabbi Avrohom Rotban of Irgun Torah, who already organizes and sponsors many Shiurim in Crown Heights, to help plan the evening.

Tonight’s Siyum will honor Rabbis Alex Heppenheimer, Shlomo Holtzberg, Hirshel Lustig, Fishel Oster, Shmuel Rosenstein, Zalman Shanowitz and Shea Werner, as well as all their Talmidim.

It will also pay tribute to the many private Chavrusos and Shiurim which take place daily around Crown Heights.

Rabbi Avrohom Yehoshua Kenig of Tzeirei Hadaf, an organization that helps facilitate the daily learning, and who is co-sponsoring the evening, will present new Gemaras on Mesichta Sukah to all those who are learning the daily daf.

Live entertainment will be provided by the world-renowned Chazan Aryeh Leib Hurwitz accompanied by the Shira Choir.

A lavish parve meal is being catered by Mayer Cohen caterers.

This Siyum is לזכות הרה”ח הרה”ת ישעי-ה זוסיא בן חנה רחל לרפו”ש מהרה וקרובה

All those who learn the daily daf, or wish to honor those who do, are invited to come to the grand Siyum tonight at Lubavitch Yeshiva.

For those who cannot participate in person and wish to join live online, the Siyum will be streamed live at
On Zoom:
Password: 770

Mincha @ 730 pm, Siyum starts at 800 pm followed by Maariv.

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