Live: Siyum Sefer Avodah From the Rambam’s Kever

Live at 5:00 PM EST: Join a siyum on the Rambam’s Sefer Avodah live from his kever in Teveria on the day of his yahrzeit, followed by an exclusive interview with Rabbi Yitzy Kasowitz, creator of the model Beis Hamikdash designed out of LEGO bricks.

Tonight is Chof Teves, is the yahrzeit of the Rambam. B’hashgacha Pratis, this year the Yahrtzeit coincides with the Siyum of Sefer Avodah, for all those learning 3 Prokim of Rambam daily.

Over the past months, the organizers at have produced captivating 30-minute virtual Siyumim on each Sefer, featuring interviews with prominent chassidim and Shluchim who have an immense koch in this Takanah of the Rebbe. Hundrends of Rambam learners have tuned in to each siyum.

This time around, the event will take a new twist: Rabbi Yosef Kramer, Shliach to Teveria, will lead a live Siyum from the Rambam’s Kever. He will be joined by Rabbi Shmuel Lew, who will share memories, special moments and inspiration connected to Takanas Harambam, and Rabbi Yitzy Kasowitz, founder of, who will give a tour of the model Beis Hamikdash that he designed (according to the Rambam’s opinion) to be built out of LEGO bricks. The Beis Hamikdash is, of course, the theme of the entire Sefer Avodah.

In the years following the establishment of Takonas Harambam, the Rebbe publicly expressed his satisfaction with the Siyumim that had been arranged to celebrate the completion of individual Seforim of Mishneh Torah. Let’s make sure this year is no exception.

The program will be hosted by Rabbi Raleigh Resnick, Shliach to the Tri-Valley, CA.
Tune in live at 5:00 EST:

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