Siyum on Tanya Inspires New Podcast

After teaching and recording classes on the entire Likkutei Amarim section of Tanya, Tri-Valley Shliach Rabbi Josh Zeberman decided to upload the classes and make them available in a podcast format.

Rabbi Josh Zebberman, a Shliach who heads the adult education department at Chabad of the Tri-Valley, in Northern California recently concluded the entire Likkutei Amarim, the first section of the Tanya, with several community members.

“When we first started our weekly Tanya club about 3 years ago, one of our attendees asked if he can record the lessons” said Zebberman. “Occasionally, friends and acquaintances would ask me to share the recordings with them. With the excitement of our study group learning through all of the themes of the Tanya, I figured it would be a waste not to do anything with these recordings.”

Rabbi Zebberman quickly got to work and started uploading almost 3 years of classes on his website and on podcasting apps.

He is currently uploading his new series on the Siddur and can be found on his site or by searching SoulCasts on your favorite podcasting platform.


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